Steer-pane unveiling your traits and mannerism! Draw a parallel with the ruminations!

Astrology: do we make a hullabaloo among the stars, or do they make a hullabaloo down here? 

~Mason Cooley~

Hello Blogger Melons and witty readers!

Do you believe in horoscopes, some might and some might not? However, there is a fine line between authentication and fabrication. We must know where to draw the line. As I always say, do what makes you happy! Read for contentment and don’t depend on contentment, horoscopes preside over your traits, not on you.

This week I’d like to share traits and facts about various zodiac signs. Our elements governing us play a fine part in our knack to get along with people. Let’s see what your zodiac says about you:-



Arieans are the energetic and overexcited bunch of determined people who wouldn’t quit. They know how to set the ball rolling, mastering the art of work-related ventures, freaking out with friends or the competitive edge over ambitions, they are the best. Not really expressive when it comes to family, but if they show it, they mean it. Money makers, they have their way towards success. When it comes love, they are flirtatious attention seekers, they fear to commit but when they commit, it’s fearless and for life.

Color preference- Red

Compatibility– Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius



Taureans are strong-headed people you can rely on. They are accredited for their loyalty, dependability and firmness. They’d call a spade a spade. This is one horoscope known to be stubborn and obstinate. They like to do things according to themselves and they’d go to any extent to protect their family. They love money, who doesn’t? They are dedicated partners, reliable and patient but if you instigate the Taurean, they can turn into possessive, insecure and childish beings.

Color preference- Pink shades

Compatibility- Virgo and Capricorn



Versatility can be a synonym for Gemini’s. A dual personality, they are utterly unpredictable. They can be flirtatious and social but they can also be serious and contemplative. Not at all boring, witty people with an air about themselves; they love to gain insight from others. At ease, when spending time with family and friends; they choose a career which doesn’t lead them into boredom. Spirited lovers, they can change their partner in the split of a second until they find someone who can game their intellect.

Color preference- Green

Compatibility- Libra and Aquarius



Spontaneity and sentimental, Cancerian’s are exigent and extremely emotional. For them, their family is a priority and they are in the swing of all the things that happen around them. They make loving and caring partners, loyal and dependable. Cancerian’s are helpful and always ready to lend a hand. They aren’t over-spenders and know the worth of money. They love children and are dedicated lovers.

Color preference- Silver

Compatibility- Scorpio and Pisces



Leos have a magnetic personality. They are creative, thespian and extroverts. Whether they are out with friends, family or colleagues; Leos are surely going to bring much to the table. They are lovers of limelight, optimistic individuals who are the most talkative and glitzy of the personalities of astrology signs. Determined in all career aspects, these people can be very attractive, bright, and captivating, who like to be conventional. If your partner is a Leo, they will want to be the dominant partner who will shower you with love if you show your appreciation and give them lots of concentration.

Color preference- Gold

Compatibility- Sagittarius and Aries



The astrology sign that love to serve people; they are acute observers to intricacies. Often gentle and polite, they introspect and analyze before taking any decision. On the constructive side you’ll find a pleasurable person who will do anything for you in a considerate, dependable and detailed way. They are one of the most talented personalities of astrology signs of being holistic healers. They make passionate partners, with a good sense of humor, and can be notable conversationalist. Once they are committed, they usually put everything into the relationship

Color preference- Green and Dark Brown

Compatibility- Capricorn and Taurus



Calm, loving and witty, Librans tend to be among the favorites. Librans have an air about themselves. Balance is their goal, which they will essentially strive for, because quietness more than any other of the personalities of astrology signs is key to a well functioning Libra. At work, Librans can be excellent leaders and dominators. If your partner is a Libra you have a romantic, balanced, and kind person to love. They will be loyal and fair, and will listen with compassion to keep the peace in the relationship. But, stay assured as they are truthful about their love for you.

Color preference- Blue

Compatibility- Aquarius and Gemini



Scorpions are controlled and calm; they are deep and intense too. Determined and fervent, they might not speak up or show their emotions expressively but there might be a lot happening beneath the façade. They make excellent leaders and are intellectuals. They always strive and crave for success in their careers and at work. They seem to see right through you and know what’s going on under the surface. Scorpios are committed to their relationship, but are very private. You may never know everything about your partner. They are very intuitive and will be able to pick up on what you necessitate from the relationship

Color preference- Shades of red

Compatibility- Scorpio and Taurus



Sagittarians are down to earth and they love change. They are broad minded and mostly lovers of wanderlust. This is the most free-spirited, easy-going, curious and straightforward of all the personalities of astrology signs. They are very thoughtful and determined at work. Maintaining a fun, childlike quality throughout life is common with this sign. This sign is a seeker of knowledge, and will most likely be very well read on many subjects and faithful to his philosophy and opinions on the subject.

Color preference- Purple

Compatibility- Leo and Aries



Capricorns are professionals and respectful. They are practical and they possess an independence that helps them to grow in life. They are ambitious and career-oriented. What they show on the outside, may not be how things really are on the inside. But, rest is assured a Capricorn personality is firmly grounded in reality, and is the voice of reason even in chaos. The Capricorn lover will not be the most spontaneous individual, but he will provide stability, loyalty and security for life. Clingy or needy partners are not suitable for a Capricorn.

Color preference- Black onyx

Compatibility- Taurus and Virgo



Intellectuals, Aquarians are deep thinkers and love to help others. Anyone who has an Aquarian friend knows they are one of the chosen few, he lets into his circle. They blend their thoughtfulness with their work and once they do this, they are successful in their careers. These personalities of astrology sign tend to stay free and independent. This natural creative thinker will perform tricks in all sorts of essential changes that are progressive, unique, logical and resourceful. In any relationship, the Aquarian is smart, immediate, entertaining and a memorable person. They accept the flaws in others without comment and expect the same from you.

Color preference- Shades of Blue

Compatibility- Libra, Gemini and Aquarius



Pisceans are gentle and affectionate. They are easy going and empathic. They are inspired by a need to make a difference in their life and they choose unique career wherein they can aspire high and make a difference. With Pisces you will find a patient, perceptive, spiritual, peace-loving and imaginative person who is thoughtful and sensitive to the feelings of others. In a relationship, your Pisces will be a deep caring individual who is surprisingly witty and very insightful. They will be sensitive to your feelings and will go to great lengths to not offend you, which sometimes come off as being phony or untruthful.

Color preference- Sea Green

Compatibility- Cancer and Scorpio


I’m sure you might have loved correlating your traits with the ones mentioned above. Watch this space for more posts on horoscopes and human idiosyncrasies in comparison with astrology signs.



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