“Quakely Shocked”

For many, it might have been a routine Saturday morning. Heading for their offices, schools or carrying out the daily chores of the day. Unpredictably, it wasn’t a routine Saturday morning for me and for most of the Northeastern locals around the country and neighborhoods.

I was in forty winks when the quiver woke me up. It was a total adrenaline rush to wake up to a quaking bed. I was shaken to my wits when I heard people screeching “It’s an Earthquake!” I jigged out of my bed and stood still holding the ledge of my room’s window. I could feel the earth trembling; the rickety tremors could stroke my feet and it was something I had never experienced in my entire life. I was numb for a moment as though someone anesthetized me. I rushed downstairs to save my life; as I was familiar with the facts. “If an earthquake dawns upon you, instantly vacate the house because that isn’t the safest place.”


Another impulsive streak, scores of people were standing on the road crammed with fear, panic and trepidation. Well! Some were frightened with the catastrophic calamity and others got a topic to thrash out. In between the bewilderment, I was utterly frozen, it was hard for me to deem on what had just happened and… *tremors* *panic*!

The aftershocks! I wasn’t able to accept the calamity as true and again the cataclysm. It is an unexplainable feeling to actually sense the earth shaking. The pedestal which binds the world was quacking. And then, when things regained normality, the hearsays were even worse. Earthquake with epicenter in Nepal at richer scale of 7.9 magnitude! Nepal-more than 450 killed! Kathmandu-roads fissured, buildings collapsed! Bihar, U.P., West Bengal- Edifice’s shrunken and buckled down!


Fright, terror and dreadfulness are the mood forecast for the day. Every northeastern resident is shaken to wits; some are crestfallen while some traumatized. I somehow wanted to blog about the entire devastation and share my dreadfulness. It was tragic and it is inconsolable. Facebook and Twitter have an upsurge of statuses and tweets of prayers for the sufferers while some are mocking the upheaval. However, I confer my deep condolence to all those who suffered and are still suffering from the havoc. There are updates of the forthcoming aftershocks. Nobody can predict the natural calamity. Had it been so, we could have saved the sufferers at this present day.

Be safe! Stay blessed!



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