Keep up the Flame with this RED Lacquer!

Hello Blogger Melons!

I wouldn’t fashion much apprehension or anticipation for my new-found love.


This Keep-up-the-flame red varnish is absolutely amazing! Girlies, would you agree with me on the fact that from dealing with chipped nails, to smudges, to rigid shades that don’t want to shove when we’re tired of those lacquers, we can struggle with all that horror isn’t it?

Believe me; I used to be one of those who never liked the flaming red and painting it on my nails, not even in my dreams. Recently, it has become my new-found love. The Maybelline Color Show collection unveiled a splendid collection of nail lacquers and Keep-up-the-flame number 215 seems to be beyond belief.


Post Script: Never better!

Firstly, it is so easy to pick the one I want from my nail-paint drawer as it comes with the name-labels on the top of each cylindrical bottle. Secondly, Keep-up-the-flame doesn’t need three or four coats; you can witness an amazing exposure in one or two coats & it dries remarkably faster. Lastly, it isn’t manufactured to prick your pockets. The range is affordable and within your means! I’m in love with this one… why don’t you try it out girlies?


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