Life Update!

Smriti Sharma

Life is uncertain! At one point in time you feel that everything is falling apart and on impulse, something unexpected happens which sends jitters down your spine. My life has been a roller-coaster ride with unanticipated and surprising moments. It was a far-flung dream and then a phone call transformed the state of affairs. My destiny took a U-turn and it all started happening on its own, taking an unpredictable course.


A call for job, getting selected after a couple of interview sessions, parents allowing me to pursue the job and everything falling back into place! That is the beauty of life… I have faith in my god and he never lets me down! It had been quite a ride since I asked the idol to let me live my dreams, to help me in getting a life of my choice and to let me chase my dreams. Now that I have got what I had aspired for, the quench to prove myself and to make a living doesn’t end here… I am at peace and the cease-fire ignites the motivational ardour to prove myself & compete with my own fears and suspicions.

Until then . . . Live Long & Live strong!




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