Burnt into Ashes . . .



#TGIF Post

Directed at all the Smokers…

What does that thin cylinder of tobacco rolled in the paper do? It makes you look cool or does it act as a status-symbol amongst your peers? Is it something you can brag about “My brand is Gold-Flake… Oh! Mine is Black… Classic… No, Marlboro” or I know, you’d say that it is something which makes you content, eases your tensions and satisfies your body, is it?

Well! That is just an excuse to continue the shameful habit of consuming cigarettes. Everybody has tensions in life but that doesn’t mean people would light up a cigarette and ease out their tensions. One cigarette consumed is synonymous to one day less, in your life.

Spend time with your close ones while you’re tensed, talk it out with them, share your worries and ease out your tensions. Put your head on your loved one’s lap, hug it out and see the love they have in their eyes for you. Don’t put your life at risk, Cigarette Smoking is dangerous. It weakens your body, blackens your teeth, is a driving force for hair fall and skin problems… Life is precious, don’t neglect it for a stupid habit which isn’t an addiction but just a thought that has chained your mind. Quit Smoking… Think about the ones who love you! Don’t be selfish, love yourself and the ones who are afraid to lose you.

A short poem for Smokers:


Quit Smoking!

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2 thoughts on “Burnt into Ashes . . .

  1. Dushyant Kanungo says:

    Well, Nicotine – is the fastest addictive substance known to man. The body develops dependencies on it so quickly that the teen who smokes it a couple of time to look cool, soon ends up in need of one drag to calm the nerves. If discovered today, tobacco would have been classified as class 2 substance and hence banned from recreational usage. But given the historical and economical significance of the product, the governments cannot do anything about it. Also, it is always been about Nicotine. Gutka – Paan and – surprisingly – TEA – are all the same in providing that Nicotine kick to your body. A case to point – look at people who do not drink tea – it is most likely they do not smoke or chew tobacco as well. Hope this answers the question.


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