And she smiled pointing at my veiled face!

It was an ordinary Wednesday. Sitting in the cab waiting for the signal to show the green sign so that I could reach the office on time, a distressing view broke the monotony. A lady wrapped up in a ragged cotton saree with a shabby hairdo sat looking here and there, so that at least one passerby could notice her powerlessness. She sat beside a man who couldn’t see, he was blind as it seemed to me. Her eyes were filled with hope that someone would buy those balloons she was selling and she would be able to feed the man beside her and a young kid, who was trying to play with the balloons she was selling.

It dawned upon me that there are more important things to consider than focusing on which blusher would suit my skin. I felt remorseful but at the same time, I wanted to do something for that lady. So, I gave the cabby a hundred rupee note and told him to give it to the lady sitting on the parchment adjacent to the crossroad. He hurriedly went and followed my direction. Looking at the hundred rupee note, there was a change in her demeanor. She was pleased and she smiled pointing at my veiled face. I would have spent the money on a coffee or a sandwich but I was happy that I could bring a smile on her powerless face. It made me feel contended and the ordinary day turned out to be a memorable one, for me.



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