Story of our life!

Me: What do I wear for Saturday Night’s party?

*opens her wardrobe, tosses clothes one after another*

Me: This black dress would fit my silhouette perfectly. But I need to level-up the attire by wearing some accessories.

*searches for accessories, nothing could match perfectly*

Me: What the hell? I need to shop.

*Goes shopping, purchases a neckpiece and earrings worth 1800INR*

Saturday night’s party went well.

*Cell phone rings*

Me: Hey, how are you? Yeah! I will be there, what time?

*Opens her wardrobe, throws and shies with her clothes*

*Goes shopping*

Dinner was fab!

Mum: Get ready sweetheart, wear an ethnic outfit; we need to go for a house-warming party tonight!

*Yet again, searches for clothes to wear*

Well! This is not just my story but every girl wants to look her best, not to compete with other girls but it just makes us happy, isn’t it? You buy a Tommy Hilfiger jacket or a jacket from a shopping lane; what matters is how well you carry it.

How was Urbane Roots born?

One fine Sunday, while I was sipping coffee and net surfing; I happened to break the ice with a few people who had similar thoughts. Apparently, it is the story of almost every girl’s life… to shop but shop affordable, to shop but shop exquisite, to shop but shop unique. Subsequent to which, a friend’s call echoed in my ears. I have contacts with a few manufacturers, you have the aptitude to delve into this business and ease the lives of many.

I broke the ice with a few manufacturers and vendors which gave birth to URBANE ROOTS. This venture that is not aimed at raiding people’s pockets but making their lives easy with affordable stuff, exquisite as well as unique details. Each product merchandised on my pages would be exquisite, unique, urbane and affordable.

The neckpiece you brought from the mall worth 1900 INR would cost 1100 INR only. This venture is not meant to raid money but it digs deep into urbane and refined details. Aren’t all of us rooted into suave and stylish specifics? I’m sure, we all are.

So, here I am…style maven and determined to present all of you with my new business venture. Urbane Roots – lurk into classy and stylish details because we dig deep into urbane roots. If you like elite jewellery, classy accessories, smart bags, elegant suit material and Kurtis, I have it all in my kitty.


Instagram & Facebook page: urbane.roots


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