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That’s So Smriti: Contemplations of Trends, telltales and tips: savouring it my way!

Smriti Sharma (That’s me sweetheart’s)

Thanks for stopping by! I’m Smriti, avid blogger and content creator from India who fancies herself a style maven, infatuated-with-wanderlust, connoisseur of aesthetics and a blogger documenting my hunch on ‘fashion-lifestyle-aesthetics’ related.

In a world wherein engineering, anatomy and accountancy seems so over baked and not my bag of chips; blogging is definitely different than any standard. With a dab hand at it, I Smriti documents my hunch on fashion, lifestyle, aesthetics and photography. A sneak-peek into my life exploring all avenues of my travel trips, philosophical bursts and my cross-creative handiness as a stylist, writer and columnist on THAT’S SO SMRITI!

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That’s So Smriti started when I was sipping a cup of coffee *addicted* and looking for an inventive vent to give me a reason to focus on the things I’m passionate about. It swiftly grew and I’m now so ecstatic that it’s turned into my full-time escapade. I don’t follow the crowd and keep my head on straight.

If you’re interested in advertising or partnering with That’s So Smriti, please reach me at smritz0024@gmail.com. I’m always exploring for creative and resourceful ways to join forces and work together. Thanks for your interest.

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